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judith_heptner_makestuffpretty_1288I help artists make space for creativity in their habits, head & home.

In our busy lives, art is often one of the first things to fall by they wayside. We are so caught up in everything we need to do that we often forget to ask ourselves who and what it is that we need to be

Many of us know there’s an artist somewhere deep down inside us. This creative soul is yearning to come through, to push forward and create amazing things. But we’ve buried her under the clutter of our daily hassles, stuffed apartments and hectic routines.

In order to live fulfilled, creative lives, we must rediscover our inner artist.

There are three things we need to successfully incorporate creativity into our lives, transforming into the artists we’ve always known we were at our core.

  • The first is space. Space in our heads and our homes. Clutter crowds out creativity.
  • The second is time. Business is not a badge of honor. Intentionality and minimalism are just as important in our routines as they are in our homes.
  • The third is inspiration. Artists have flocked together for centuries to discuss, exchange and create. Our creative tribes are what helps us flourish.

My goal at Make Stuff Pretty is to enable you to attain all three of these. I call it curating your life, because much like a museum curator, you will be carefully selecting what it is that you want in your life. Ultimately, I want you to only have in your life those things and habits that serve you, make you happy and let your creativity and brilliance shine!

Are you in? Let me show you how to curate a life you love!

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