Collaborative Art Journaling: A Get Messy Project

Creative tribes connect and inspire us. What better way to celebrate this than by collaborating on a traveling art journal?

Get Messy members live all over the world. Ever since the community started to grow, we have been asking ourselves how we could harness our collective creative energies and collaborate on art projects. The Traveling Art Journals are one of the answers to this question. We created three of them, divided up by continents, and started our collaborative art journaling project!

The European one made its way to my little craft desk in Hamburg a few weeks ago. Now, it has finally completed its journey. I’m thrilled to share my pages with you!

Traveling Art Journal: My Pages


Only the right page is mine – a Doctor Who quote that I absolutely adore!





Again here, the left page isn’t mine – love it though!



I think this one’s my favorite. It’s one of those spreads that just suddenly happen without planning – two pieces of paper lie next to each other and you think, yes, this! I love when that happens.


This was my first go at collaborative art journaling and I have to say that I had a lot of fun with it! I was so excited when the journals got to me. Seeing each artist’s beautiful pages and individual styles was so inspiring!

Eva has also done a post about her pages, which you can find here! As others post their pages, I’ll be updating this to include the links.

Happy browsing!

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  1. Wait – what is this magic? I love art journaling! This is the first exquisite corpse style art journal that I’ve seen. It’s so cool! Can I do this?

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