Sunday DIY: Tiny Macramé Plant Hangers

macramé diy plant hangers

Sunday DIYs are projects that can easily be done in one afternoon. Today, I tried my hand at mini macramé plant hangers.

Macramé has been all over Pinterest for a while and I finally wanted to give it a shot. I just recently decided to try my luck and grow cacti from seeds. They should come out soon, so I decided to welcome them with some very tiny macramé plant hangers.

What you’ll need

I made the planters themselves from white FIMO clay. One packet should be enough for at least five plant hangers. I also ended up making some pearls with the FIMO clay, so maybe get a second colour if you want to try that as well. Additionally, you’ll need a rolling pin, an egg cup or similar small cup, quite a bit of string (about 2 m per planter), a small knife to cut the FIMO with, and a needle or other sharp object if you’re going to be making pearls.  Acrylic paint for the planters and a small sponge to dab it on is optional, but can add a fun touch.

How to make the planters

Roll the FIMO clay flat with a rolling pin (it should be about 3 mm thick) and cut a circle using a small cup (a bit larger than the diameter of the egg cup). Place the FIMO circle in the egg cup and smooth it out. Make sure you don’t leave any air pockets. Harden in the oven (110°C, 30 minutes). Let the planters cool before taking them out of the egg cups. If you want, paint them with acrylic.


macrame03Cut up eight pieces of string. I cut mine between 30 and 50 centimeters, depending on how much length I wanted for the planters. Make sure to vary the lengths a bit if making more than one plant hanger! Tie the strings together at the top.

macrame02 macrame05

Next, tie two strings each together – about 20-30 cm below the first knot, depending on how long you made your strings. Repeat approximately 3 cm below, again tying two strings together that are next to each other. You’ll get a kind of net structure if you are doing it right. Repeat once or twice more, then place your planter to see if it fits. Finish up by tying all eight strings together.


I found the first macramé net to be a bit of a pain, but once you get the hang of it, they are actually quite easy and quick to make. If you like, you can add decorative pearls at any point – see my finished plant hangers for inspiration!


Now all that’s left to do is cross fingers that the cacti will grow soon and I can fill those little plant hangers! If you try this, I’d love to see the results – feel free to post photos or links below in the comments 🙂

Disclaimer: I got the materials and instructions for this project from supercraftlab. I am not paid to promote them, but felt they should be credited appropriately!

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