Developing a Style Concept for Your Home – Free Worksheet Included!

developing a style concept for your room make stuff pretty

Every move is a fresh start – and the perfect opportunity for a truly Pinterest-worthy home! Here is why developing a style concept is the first thing you should do – before you buy anything at all!

I admit, it was almost like I got the chance for a do-over. Only six months ago, I had sat in an empty apartment and thought about how to make that space “mine”. I began thinking about and developing a style concept for our home – yet it had turned out quickly that my boyfriend at the time and I had quite a few differences in opinion. After a lot of compromises, I found myself in a cosy and beautiful place, but one that looked very little like what I’d initially imagined.

Now, only a few days ago, I moved rather unexpectedly. Again, I sat in an empty room. It’s bright and big, and this time it is all mine. This time around, there would be no half-hearted purchases and no compromises. This time around, I started by developing a style concept that was concrete, simple, and all mine.

Every Move is a Fresh Start

Nothing about my current situation is especially unique. It may be a bit more radical than most moves tend to be, but especially early in our lives, we have all been in similar situations. Be it moving abroad, to a new city, for a job, a boyfriend or a marriage, to a bigger or smaller place – all of us have sat in an empty room at some point, head full of ideas and plans. All too often, compromises are made because of differing opinions, budget, impatience and the failure to clarify what we really want.

We may have a Pinterest board for our dream home, but often we believe that the photos on there are out of our reach anyway – so why not just go to IKEA and buy a standard living room set? Maybe by the time you move again, you’ll have money to afford a truly beautiful place, a partner who agrees 100% on your style, or the time to make it perfect…

Newsflash: While not impossible, none of those things are very likely.

Why a Style Concept Matters

You will most likely find yourself tweaking on your home for quite some time. You may need to space out purchases. You may need the patience to hunt second-hand stores and flea markets for the perfect fit. A style concept you can refer to will definitely come in handy! It will also make it easier to be patient because you can keep your vision in sight at all times.

You may need to compromise on style if you aren’t living alone. However, if you can express clearly what dreams and ideas you have for your space, compromise and discussion will be that much easier. A concrete, clear style concept will help you immensely!

The Power of Moodboards

Chances are, if you’re on this blog, that you already have a Pinterest board for your dream home. If not, go create one – or print images and create a physical mood board if you prefer! It will help you answer the following questions and visualise your style. See what the images you pinned have in common! Do you pin a lot of wall art? A lot of bright colours? Wide, sparsely furnished spaces? If you want some inspiration, here’s my interior design Pinterest board – created before I had any inkling I’d be moving again any time soon, and since updated almost daily!

Ask yourself: How can you incorporate the feeling of these images into your home? You may not be able to recreate them exactly (for example, because you lack the 200 square meter loft in the photo), but you can definitely learn a lot from the vibe they give off. You can recreate the feeling! (If you’re thinking that’s not true because you live in a very small space, by all means check out this series on life in a tiny apartment – it may just change your mind, and your life!)

Questions to Ask When Developing a Style Concept

Here are some questions to ask yourself when developing a style concept for your home.

  • What styles do I like, very generally? Do I like modern or traditionalist homes, colourful or neutral, cosy or sleek?
  • What will this room be used for, what does it need?
  • What am I bringing into this new home? Does it fit the style I like? If not, can I change it? (e.g. paint or upcycle it)
  • What colours do I enjoy?
  • What materials do I like?
  • Do I have any sentimental items that should be on display, like an indigenous weaved cloth? How can I incorporate it with my style?
  • How would I describe the atmosphere of my dream room? Light, airy, cosy, rustic, bright, colourful, clean, sleek, happy, calm…?

Let me walk you through this process. Get the free worksheet here!

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developing a style concept for your room make stuff pretty


  1. This is a great post – I moved a few months ago and I was finding it practically impossible to make any decisions before I started thinking in terms of ‘concepts’ rather than specific items. Mood boards have really helped. Thanks for the free worksheet!

  2. Love this! Every time I’ve moved in the past, I always had to make my new space my own so that I’d feel at peace and at home in my new diggs. Your breakdown and tips are super helpful. Thanks for sharing. Xo

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