Little Habits: Song Cleaning

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No, I don’t mean cleaning out your playlists – although sometimes that can be a good idea, too.

In this case, however, I am talking about actual cleaning – and about how I managed to turn it into a habit (of sorts) that is actually fun.

Why little habits matter

I honestly believe that establishing consistent little habits will over time yield big results. By little, I mean basically anything that can be done in five minutes or less. Of course, practicing the piano for five minutes will not make you a master pianist. Cleaning for five minutes daily will not make your home spotless. Still: You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in five minutes.

Additionally, little habits are much easier to establish and keep up than big ones. If you aim for a half hour of something every day, it is going to be easy to find reasons you don’t have time today. However, there is pretty much never a reason you cannot spare five minutes!

Song Cleaning

Five minutes of cleaning, to me, sounds doable but not exactly fun. So I added an extra element: Music. For the length of one song (or two, or three, if I feel especially motivated), I will clean furiously and with all my energy. This is a lot of fun to do, especially when you are home alone and can really let loose. Also, if like me, your biggest messes come from piles of clothes, shoes everywhere, and cups of coffee scattered throughout the apartment, you’ll find that power-cleaning for the length of a song or two will actually make a huge difference! I actually surprised myself the first time I did it, but it just goes to show the power of little habits!

Want a playlist?

Here are some of the songs I prefer for power cleaning sessions (beware – I sing in a pop and musical choir, and it shows):

  • Grease: We Go Together
  • Meghan Trainor: All About that Bass
  • Train: Drive By
  • Grease: You’re The One That I Want
  • The Ditty Bops: Sister Kate
  • Robyn: Indestructible
  • The Pointer Sisters: I’m So Excited
  • Bon Jovi: You Give Love A Bad Name

Got any suggestions? What’s your favourite cleaning song?

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  1. Really enjoying your blog! Especially this music tip! My mom taught me to clean to music as a kid and other than singing or whistling to myself, I totally forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder and the lovely posts! My personal favorite (cheese warning!) Was always Spoonful Of Sugar from Mary Poppins! It’s hard to find a happier and more motivating song for cleaning!

  2. im so happy I found this blog on pinterest. 2017 is my year of purging, my home is an overfilled, ridiculously cluttered mess. It’s shameful and makes me sad. Trying your minimalism challenge, also I love the tip with music.
    I set a timer for 30 mins, get up extra early and try to do some every single morning. Have given my self a deadline of January 28th to have a much lighter home! looking forward to getting your emails and tips. Cheers to minamilism!

    • That sounds great! Love the idea of committing 30 minutes to it every day. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

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