Head over Heels in July: Healthy Habits and Comfy Clothes

things I love july sweatpants healthy habits

This month, I’m all about healthy habits, quick getaways, sweatpants and strong coffee to get me through psychology finals.

It’s July. At my university here in Northern Germany, that means it’s finals time. I’m a full-time student holding a part-time job and a budding blogger, so you can imagine that time has been something of a scarce resource. Everything I currently love therefore is something that has made my life easier in some way in these past weeks.

things I love july healthy habits finals


  • Fresh foods. I’ve been eating mostly vegan since January of this year. So far I had not paid much attention to whether I was still getting all the nutrients I needed. Focusing on this more has definitely increased my energy! It’s also kept me from bingeing on chocolate and candy during finals time.
  • Strong coffee because as much as I talk about health and vitamins, I am still only human and I love my brew. Life is too short for bad coffee, especially when you’re doing study marathons.
  • These sweatpants! I am constantly downsizing my wardrobe and recently threw out several old PJ pants and replaced them with this beauty. I haven’t regretted it for a second.

things I love july sweatpants healthy habits

  • The homemade banana frappuccino I am drinking in the photo above. It’s a recipe out of my favorite vegan cookbook ever – basically a frozen banana, some coffee and almond milk. If you don’t mind translating a bit of German, definitely check out the blog that goes with the book.
  • Short getaways like our weekend trip – even if I had to take reading material, it was so relaxing and definitely a boost!

healthy habits getaways finals season head over heels july

  • Other healthy habits: taking a walk every once in a while, stretching a lot, getting fresh air, doing breathing exercises. Definitely helps prevent that rusty, creaky feeling that often comes with long study sessions!

What are you currently loving in your life?

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  1. Walking is definitely the best for me in so many different ways…I try & take a walk somewhere everyday! & when at our house in Cornwall then walking miles by the sea or on the beach is just the greatest feeling for clearing the mind & keeping my body healthy!

    • Yes! I love walking by the water, too. Something about the water just helps to calm and clear the mind, doesn’t it?

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