Head over Heels: Things I love in June

flowers things I love

Fresh flowers, productivity classes and altered books: A non-exhaustive list of things I am currently in love with.

Make Stuff Pretty is not just a blog about pretty things. It is about curating a life that you love and bringing beauty into your everyday life. Therefore, every month, I want to share things I love right now. I hope these inspire you to think about what you are loving in your life right now – and maybe in this list, you will find new things to love as well!

Head over Heels in June: I currently love…

  • Fresh flowers in my home. Depending on the season, those can be tulips, daffodils, roses… Right now there are these amazing orange roses in my kitchen. They add a wonderful pop of colour!
  • Productivity classes. I am currently taking a course called “Level Up” by Caylee. It has introduced me to Todoist and Evernote, two fantastic tools, and it is helping me every day to focus more on setting the right goals for myself. Focusing on activities and things I love is certainly part of that process!
  • Galaxies. Anything to do with galaxies makes me happy at the moment. I even tried my hand at my first ever watercolour galaxy! I am also considering options for my first tattoo at the moment, and I have to say, there are some gorgeous galaxy designs out there…
  • Altered books. For my art journal, recently, I have been altering an old book. Combining two of the things I love best, art and books, it has definitely been one of the most fun and inspiring art journals I have ever worked on.
altered book things I love
  • My Tolino. I fought against getting an e-reader for the longest time but I have to admit now, being able to carry half a library in one hand is kind of … well … amazing! The Tolino also lets me borrow e-books from a local library so I do not have to buy all of my e-books – I have in fact never bought a single one and still I always have plenty of reading material!
  • Sunsets from my living room window. I have lived in this apartment for five months now and I have yet to get tired of the view from the living room. Walking up to the fifth floor is no picnic, but these sunsets make it all worth it.

sunsets things I love

What about you?

What are you currently loving about your life, your home or your habits? I’d love to hear from you – let’s inspire each other!

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  1. That sunset looks incredible! Would love to have a view like that. And I love the colorful flower accent. Great idea to make your life a little more fun!

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