Weekend Getaway: Peace, Inspiration and a Barrel

Sometimes, in order to get your inspiration back, you need to get away from it all. We found an unlikely, but perfect spot for a weekend getaway.

Sleeping in a barrel? You are not the only one who’s never heard of that before. Yet when I discovered the unusual getaway spot on AirBnB, something clicked. A barrel, big enough for two to sleep in. A small sundeck, two chairs and a folding table. A bistro nearby, and a campsite, but no houses, no roads.

Our weekend getaway

M and I spent two full days lounging on the sundeck reading (and studying, in my case), letting our minds wander, drinking passionfruit juice and marvelling at the peacefulness of it all. As it’s currently finals period, I took the chance to catch up on some readings – however, under different circumstances I would have most definitely taken a sketchbook and some watercolours!



Get away to get your inspiration back

You can’t force inspiration. However, you can most definitely help it along. I’ll do a post on getting inspired soon – in the meantime there’s a really good strategy right here: Get away from everything. Just for a day or two. Let your mind wander, take a notepad and doodle, sketch or brainstorm. Spend some time without looking at your phone, maybe even without talking to anyone. Just see what your mind comes up with!

This works without having to leave your apartment, too: Switch your phone to flight mode, turn off the doorbell and leave all computers and TVs switched off for a day. No consuming new information! Let your mind do something with what’s already there.

If you decide to actually go away, pick the right spot. It doesn’t have to be a barrel, of course, but some of the characteristics of our cute little weekend home are important – namely peace, quiet and a somewhat remote location.

What ideas, thoughts and projects did you come up with on your last getaway?


weekend getaway barrel trip

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