What do you need right now?

need right now

None of us can be energetic, creative and productive every single moment of the day. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your creativity is spending the day on the sofa.

Of course we all want to be superwoman, never tiring, always powering through her day, with a never ending stream of creativity. We want to make every single moment count. If we are honest, we know none of us can do that. Yet we often feel bad about not reaching that level. We grit our teeth and try to power through, even on days when we’re exhausted. Rarely do we pause and ask ourselves: What do I need right now?

There are things we can’t get around: Work, studying, taking care of kids and pets, paying bills, buying groceries, and so on. Those are the tasks we need to push ourselves to do even if we’re tired. But beyond that, we all have projects. DIY plans, blogs (ahem!), paintings, books, crafts, sports. They are things we love to do that require some form of energy – creative, physical or otherwise.

We need those projects, those hobbies, to define who we are, to express ourselves and to develop our potentials. Sometimes, however, even more than our projects and creative endeavours, we need to ask ourselves – what do I need right now? I know you want to get everything done. I know you want to write an amazing blog post every day. You want to produce beautiful art and fit in your 60-minute intense workout, too. And I am not saying you should just drop those projects and slack off. But sometimes, life can get overwhelming. And when that happens, stop and breathe.

Ask yourself: What do I need right now? What one thing can I do now that will make me feel better? What will help me relax, bring the spark back into my eyes and the spring back into my step?

Sometimes, what you need right now may be exactly what you think you should be doing anyways: Exercise or creativity, maybe. In that case, get over yourself (or your mental block) and go do that thing. Sometimes, however, what you need in that moment may have nothing to do with what you think you should be doing.

You might need to lie down for half an hour and close your eyes.

You might need to postpone the rest of your tasks and spend the evening cuddling your favourite person on the sofa.

You might need to turn off your head and watch something silly on TV while painting your nails in different colours.

Whatever it is, be honest with yourself! If your answer is, “What I need right now is a cup of tea and a good book”, then do that. Chances are if you ignore that answer and push yourself to write an article instead, it will not turn out very good. This is not about finding excuses not to be awesome. It is about giving your awesomeness a chance by allowing yourself to breathe and recover.

What works for you when you desperately need a break?

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  1. Judith,

    I loved everything about this article! It confirms exactly how I have been feeling lately. I’m so passionate about my blog and building my business that I get so caught up in producing for it but it is so necessary to step away sometimes and just take a break. I absolutely love how you said, “It is about giving your awesomeness a chance by allowing yourself to breathe and recover.” There is so much truth in that statement! We can’t be awesome if we’re going at level 100 all day long.

    Thanks again for this much needed reminder to slow down 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I think we all (myself included) need that reminder especially when we’re very passionate about something.

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